4 December 2017

I am a year 12 student who previously studied at Derby Manufacturing UTC during years 10 and 11. I am currently taking part in a new scheme known as the pre-apprenticeship scheme. Pre-Apprenticeship is a new course being offered by the Derby UTC which was implemented during the 2017/18 first term.

This course is primarily for post GCSE students who desire to start an apprenticeship but feel as though they require extra experience before they start applying for apprenticeships in the field of engineering. The pre-apprenticeship scheme is also a solid choice for the students that may have under-achieved during their GCSE's and would like to improve their Maths and English grades in order to apply to their chosen a levels or just to gain an extra qualification so that they will find it easier to apply for jobs and apprenticeships. The extra qualification also helps the students to improve their CV's and improve the employers initial impression of them.

The pre-apprenticeship course consists of a business unit that I have been working through since the start of  September 2017. In addition to this, we use the various machines situated within the schools’ highly technical workshop. Whilst in the workshop, we make a large variety of tools to show that we have gained skills using the machines. Also, the pre-apprenticeship course helps us to gain the fundamental skills to be successful in the job of their choosing, for example, during the course, we have gained substantial communication skills that can be applied into any task whether that be teamwork with total strangers, or talking in front of a group.

- T McNally, Year 12.

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