4 December 2017

I’m a year 12 student who also previously studied at the DMUTC during my GCSE’s, and am currently on Route A (Academic) to study my A-levels.

After studying engineering at GCSE’s and doing work experience with Toyota, I decided that although it was interesting, I didn’t want a career in it. What personally made me return to the UTC for my A levels was the impeccable science department, as I knew I wanted to take Biology and Chemistry. By talking to some staff members, the school also ran an English Literature & Language combined course which I’m taking; just because it’s a STEM college doesn’t mean the English teachers aren’t brilliant too (Shout out to Choudhury and Winfield). The school, in my experience, is very flexible and genuinely care about the students, which is something I knew I wouldn’t feel in a widespread community college.

My advice to any students considering coming here would to not be intimidated by the label ‘STEM college’, although its core to the school and it’s direction, there are many other strengths to it.

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