18 January 2018

Yesterday, all year 12 students were taken on a trip to Loughborough University where we participated in an Inspiring Minds STEM event.

Although it was an early start, as soon as we arrived on campus we received a warm welcome to the uni and it's core values. As we all study STEM subjects, we started the day off with a maths workshop, ran by one of the maths lecturers, which included some degree level math concepts. After this there were a variety of lectures we could attend.  I chose Human Biology from Dr Varela-Silva and Chemistry from Dr Panchmatia, both of which opened my mind to scientific degrees and where they can lead to. Other lectures included architecture, civil engineering, chemical engineering, maths, physics and mechanical engineering.

Overall it gave us all a deeper insight to STEM degrees and a nice break inbetween our mock exams. Thanks Loughborough!



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