24 January 2018


As the year 11's are steadily on their way to exam season, all of us in BlogSquad decided to pass on some tried and tested revision tips. Hope they're hopeful!

Emily's top tip:

I might have gone a little over the top but I definately found an effective way to get important information in my brain! I made posters on A3 paper with different colours for each subject and stuck them up around my room (literally covered every inch of wall). I would strongly reccommend writing them out yourself rather than typing them as that also helped reinforce the information but make sure you notarize! Posters drowning in long sentences are not appealing and don't work that well. Extra tip; after writing them...actually read them too.

Tamar's top tip:

I found it's not the best idea to stay awake the night before your exams(!) Revision is a thing best done in moderation with regular breaks, and definately not late at night. To help with this plan out a revision schedule and actually stick to it; prioritize your worst subjects in daytime revision (that being said don't entirely neglect your best subjects either). Try to make memorising equations and quotes fun by testing them with your friends in memory games. 

Megan's top tip:

Whilst revising it's a great idea to snack! Not just to cope with exam stress but also to relate tastes to knowledge. I don't know the specifics but research has been done to prove that this is very effective! Try chewing different flavoured gums for different subjects for example, as they're permitted in the exam hall! If you prefer other foods which aren't allowed, just eat them before you take your exam whilst cramming in last minute revision. Scents of aftershave/perfume also have been shown to have similar effects.

Christian's top tip:

To help create the right atmosphere, I played music that is featured in my favourite video games as I found that it helped me focus and stay on task. Particularly, I reccommend music that has no lyrics or very few of them. Research has actually shown this helps maintain focus. Here's my personal reccommendation from Dark Souls 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrYPqtWWB3s


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