The concept is called 'The Bear Bag' as it will bear the weight of the owner's belongings. It uses both a handbag and backpack structure, so it is not just one way of using the bag. The design will be a geometrical colourful pattern using waterproof canvas to keep the exterior and interior waterproof. Inside, are special features to help organize a professional’s bag including their paperwork, laptop, and lunch. Meanwhile keeping it all dry with a popup umbrella.

When I came to the designing process of the bag, I had to work out a way to use all the desired features (found in a public survey), while keeping the bag comfortable and atheistically pleasing.

Starting the design, I played with different shapes, such as squares and rectangles, but I didn’t want a generic look to my bag, so I changed it to a stretched oval with a cushioned back. I then had to sort the handles, it was either two separate handbag strap and backpack strap or one continuous, which I think suited the curved design better.

After a few more alterations on structure and design and the colour scheme, my final ideal product came together.

By E Locke


Posted by Mr D Marubbi on 25 January 2018

Category: Student Blog