21 February 2018

Yesterday, timetables were collapsed for a STEM day spectacular for years 10, 11 and 12. Here at DMUTC, we have STEM days 5 times a year where sponsoring and local companies run various fun activities with the students.

Year 10 had an engineering-focused day, ran by Learn By Design. Their day comprised of activities such as circuit building, designing their own wind turbines, robot wars, and designing an aerodynamic car. Amongst the various activities, a stand-out activity for year 10 student Ellie, was designing a product for assisted living purposes such as a walking cane that transmitted vibrations to a Bluetooth earpiece for a deaf person. 

Year 11's activities were organised by Inspiring Minds. The best summary of their day came from Dan:

"My day was inspirational because it made me realise how to motivate myself and embrace my hidden talents"

Their activities were a source of motivation; from team rowing races, to reaction-time activities, to juggling! The day was more based on raising their self-confidence and even included a presentation from Kelvin Batey, a professional BMX racer who has competed for Great Britain.

On the other hand, year 12 had a Young Drivers’ awareness day, where members of the Police and Fire Service gave talks on safe and responsible driving, the implications of dangerous drug/drunk driving and other topics new drivers may not be taught on their driving lessons. Later on in the afternoon, they took their CVs and best, brave faces into mock interviews which were conducted by experienced interviewers from various companies. They found this experience to be particularly useful.

"I really enjoyed the second part of the day, I found the perspective of an employer and what they're looking for in interviewees very helpful" - Roscoe, year 12.

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