2 July 2018

A select few students from our year 11, 12 and 13 cohort spent a week down in Portsmouth taking part in the Junior Leaders Field Gun Challenge. These students were getting up at five in the morning to undertake intensive training in the sweltering heat of racing a field gun up and down a track against other UTC’s and even the regular services of the Navy and RAF.

Amongst the bumps and bruises and a few blisters our students steadily grew into a team of young adults who fiercely protected each other, cared deeply and roared like young lions as they all crossed the line on Friday in the finals of the races.

We Came Second in Plate 2 of the finals and were keeping up with the bigger teams.

Ok we didn’t win but who cares when you come back two feet taller in spirit and conviction, brimming with pride and smiling like the Cheshire cat. 

We are so proud of them and to see certain individuals shine brighter, who themselves thought they couldn’t even possibly do this challenge.

Next year, everyone watch out, Derby will be roaring again!

123….Squeeeze….123 Squeeeze…123 Squeeeze….who are we?.....DERBY!!

[18/07] Royal Navy Field Gun 2018

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